Barbara de Regil In Lingerie

Barbara de Regil In Lingerie For The July 2014 Issue Of Soho Mexico Magazine Sometimes, you just want to look at a Mexican girl in her underwear. If I was Obama and people were coming at me all day long with Gaza this and Ukranian crisis that and you've got to go back to L.A. and back rub more rich lesbians, I'd order everybody out of the Oval Office and check out Mexican chicks in their panties. Fuck, I'd call up ICE down in Texas and ask them to permiso slip me a few barely legal girls in their undies. Yes, those girls aren't from Mexico, but when they're dancing on the Jefferson couch in their bras, you can make exceptions for neighboring nationalities. Tell Michelle to go invent another fucking sprout sandwich, Daddy needs some no me molestes time.

Photo Credit: Soho Mexico Magazine

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