Devan Serpa Flashed Her Cooch to a Cop

July 9, 2014 | Photos | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

When you’re 29 you shouldn’t be allowed to list your occupation as aspiring model. I’m going with 25 as the max cut off for not finding any gainful employment in an industry where careers start at infancy. Just being a Louisiana eight doesn’t give you the right to upgrade cocktail waitress or mattress store owner’s wife on your official forms. Devan Serpa got busted for shooting guns at parked cars in Morgan City, Louisiana. I know, it’s weird that that’s illegal. She thought maybe she might show off her vagina to the booking officer, just because she’s an aspiring model and wanted his opinion. I know when women cry they get out of speeding tickets, so I’m going to guess that being semi-attractive and showing off your cooch can probably get you out of some redneck misadventures. But the processing officer just tacked on an obscenity charge. Which I take to mean he felt he might get caught. Which is too bad, because sending this aspiring model to jail for getting liquored up and shooting inanimate objects is a waste of money. We’d likely get more people wanting to be cops if they could swap consensual quickies for freedom with some of their more minor offenders.

I told her it was thirty days for shoplifting or she could suck my dick and walk away. You’re welcome, taxpayers. I just saved you ten grand. Now pin a medal on my flaccid shlong.

Photo Credit: Devan Serpa/Facebook