The New College Football Trophy Is Rather Shitty

By Lex July 17, 2014 @ 1:53 PM

College Football got rid of the BCS championship after many years of fan bitching and replaced it with a new playoff system that fans can bitch about for the next twenty years. That’s a backhanded bitch slap for all the people who vote for change. Just to stick it in your face, the NCAA kicked the national championship crystal football to the curb and replaced it with this fucking bit of lipstick case Hunger Games capital city abomination of a trophy. I don’t know how coaches are going to inspire their bearded young scholar athletes with visions of passing that dainty purse accessory over their heads come January. My fourth grade AYSO trophy could ass rape this college football trophy and it would only cry when it was over. If it hadn’t been for that six peso spray painted tinfoil trophy they handed out at the World Cup, this would be the world’s weakest trophy. Soccer saves us once again from being most lame

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    Admiral 07/17/2014 14:32

    It looks like a perfume or nail polish bottle. And the Progressive pussification of America continues.

  2. James Walker 07/17/2014 15:15

    Its a beer tap. Right?

    Did Bud Light sponsor this or what?

  3. John Pierce 07/17/2014 19:38

    Call it the Golden Vagina.

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    Admiral 07/17/2014 20:11

    It looks like something a first year industrial design student would make in CAD. I don’t blame him, though – someone higher up had to approve this crap.

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    Beylerbey 07/18/2014 12:23

    No no no, it’s one of those pen-holders you see at old banks. With the little chains attached.

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