9-Year Old Girl Can’t Handle Her Uzi (VIDEO)

By Lex August 27, 2014 @ 1:47 PM

The term unfortunate accident always gets me to wondering. Is it unfortunate to give a nervous 9-year old girl an Uzi and let her go Gaza Strip crackdown at a gun range or is it kind of more really fucking stupid? The owner of the gun range in question says it’s perfectly legal, since you only need to be eight in Arizona to fire automatic weapons. Plus, the kids are always under the supervision of their parents holding the iPhone camera and a trained range instructor. Like the one who’s dead now because the nine-year-old lost ┬ácontrol of the gun on recoil and a bullet pinged him in the head. Death is kind of a rough penalty for an unfortunate accident. But unfortunate accidents at gun ranges do often result in more than a blister or small citation. Mostly I blame the people criticizing Sea World for animal cruelty. Now that it’s so politically incorrect, New Jersey families are heading to Arizona for their summer vacations and making the kids shoot sub-machine guns instead of pretending Shamu loves to clap like a person.

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    miche the killer 08/27/2014 14:22

    seriously- that kids like 60 lbs. There’s no way she should be trying to fire a gd Uzi.

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    jared4576 08/27/2014 15:18

    So, you actually think that Las Vegas is in Arizona? Ok. And you have no idea what the phrase “sub-machine gun” means. Which would be ok if your writing was in any way interesting or remotely funny. But it’s not. This site is an embarrassment since the first dude left.

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    tigojones 08/27/2014 15:31

    How did he misuse “sub-machine gun”? That’s what an UZI is, a fully automatic pistol-caliber firearm. The instructor was a moron for letting a 9 year old girl fire one unassisted, but he’s dead now and serves as a prime example of what not to do. Little kids like that should stick with bolt-action, semi-auto and other one-shot-per-trigger-pull firearms.

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    TheAlchemist 08/27/2014 16:52

    To call the site an embarrassment is a little far fetched. And the first “dude’s” name was Brendon. I agree the little girl had no business in the gun range except for the obvious reason the father wishes she were a boy. That being said, the instructor should have held the gun while she pulled the trigger. Giving a child some responsibility is good practice for them, but lets start small. Like pouring milk into a bowl of cereal.

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    Beylerbey 08/27/2014 17:26

    A similar fiasco happened several years ago, where a young child was basically handed a submachinegun by his father and told to cut loose. The recoil forced the barrel back until it was under his chin, and he blew his own brains into the clouds.

    I’m one who considers all guns laws unconstitutional, but I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for the adults in either scenario. Watching anyone lose control of a firearm is only funny to those who have no business breeding.

    Tigo has it right. Submachinegun = a fully automatic weapon that fires a pistol cartridge. The Uzi is an excellent example, along with the Thompson and the MP5.

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    Admiral 08/27/2014 18:18

    The girl fires ONE shot, then that’s enough practice and onto FULL AUTO?! Oh, and you can hold the gun unassisted while I watch from IN FRONT OF YOU.

    There are good fire range instructors, and then there’s this guy.

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    Admiral 08/27/2014 18:19

    I feel very sorry for the girl, though. She’ll have to live with this guy’s stupid lapse of judgement for the rest of her life.

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    Al Bundy 08/27/2014 19:06

    Admiral nailed it in his first post.

    No way that girl should have been firing anything above a .22

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    JRMacumber 08/27/2014 20:05

    Darwin Award winner right there.

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    billymays 08/28/2014 08:56

    Do keep killing yourselves off, thank you.

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