Khaled Sharrouf Gives His Kids The Vacation of a Lifetime

By Lex August 11, 2014 @ 12:02 PM


If you’re stuck in Sydney watching crappy Australian soaps and waiting for your monthly disability check to arrive, why not go join the genocidal Islamic State nut jobs slaying everybody that doesn’t pray to Allah the right way in Iraq and Syria. And while you’re at it, bring the kids. You’re wife is always bitching about how you never do anything with them. Khaled Sharouff just wanted to give his boys a cool summer vacation, so he took them to Syria to learn how to shoot soldiers and hold up their decapitated heads on Twitter. If we’re being post-racially honest, it’s appalling to see cute little white kids holding up severed human heads. A little Arab kid with premature pit hair and a beard and a jihadi bandana, maybe a little less so by historical expectations. You can see more graphic beheading pictures HERE.

Psychological experts are asserting that these grade school age kids might suffer lasting mental trauma from hanging with dad and butchering people on camera. Good call, experts. What they’re forgetting are the lasting father son memories. Most guys grow up to do horrible shit because they never got any love or respect from dad. Just imagine the look in Khaled’s eyes as he proudly gazes upon his kids stabbing out the eyeballs of the infidels. You can’t get that from the old man making a big deal about taking you to see the Sox game after five years of false promises.

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    Eustis 08/11/2014 15:15

    These Islamists seem like they believe in a merciful , loving God , just as I would expect an omnipotent being to be .
    This is not the religion for hateful, sadistic , nit wits!

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    Beylerbey 08/11/2014 16:35

    “If the gods are not just, you would not want to worship them.”

    –Marcus Aurelius

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    cwhatsnotthere 08/11/2014 22:40

    allah is the worship of lucifer,
    is a christian cult, they change things around, they believe in a god of war,they exalt a man above their god too(Muhammad)
    they believe a black stone(meteor)
    atones their sins, not their god,

    ppl say christians are crazy., some sure
    but not church is separate from state
    whats god is gods and man is mans

    is one nation
    one language
    one religion
    one god
    if you dnt like it uh – beheaded
    the satanic NWO religion/gov’t
    is here

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