Zara’s Holocaust Shirts for Kids Not Selling Well

August 29, 2014 | WTF | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I don’t know, maybe if you’re an online retailer selling in Israel you don’t go with the kids’ shirt design that causes your customer base to remember the stripes and yellow stars of the Jewish death camp in World War II. Maybe for an edgy John Waters Halloween party in SoHo, but not so much for the kids to wear to the kibbutz and blow their toy shofars at the Palestinian kids over the wall chiseling tunnels. The retailer, Zara, also was selling the striped shirts with the yellow stars in France, Albania, and Sweden, where they have more fond memories of baking strudel for the German soldiers and probably are not sensitive to the genocidal hobbies of their friendly occupiers.

An honest mistake, even though I bet you could go through the entire archive of Classic Westerns and not find one sheriff wearing a striped shirt. I’ve seen a few. John Wayne didn’t do jaunty French sailor stripes. Next up for Zara, ‘I’m a Radioactive Kid!’ silk screened t-shirts for kids in Fukushima and ebola-themed footsies pajamas for sale in West Africa. Also inspired by Classic Westerns.