Bikini Coffee Shacks Full Of Hookers

September 1, 2014 | WTF | matt-ralston | 0 Comments

The owner of a popular chain of bikini coffee stands in Washington state, including Java Jugs and Twin Peaks, has been charged with promoting prostitution. Carmela Panico is madame of the shops in which girls wear bikinis and high heels while serving horrible coffee that nobody could care less about. It turns out many of the baristas are prostitutes performing sex acts on guys willing to nut up and switch from Starbucks. Prosecutors say the world’s most likable baristas were flashing their tits or twats and stroking customers with those cardboard hot beverage wraps. Panico’s home was raided and cops found hundreds of thousands of pimp dollars which she tried to explain away as Scratcher winnings. Now she’s going to jail and the only worthwhile coffee outlets in this country are going to be shuttered. Unless somebody was asking for a Cup of Hot Finish, a dunk in the steeping java when cumming, I’m calling this a victimless crime.

Photo Credit: Facebook