Funny or Die Just Croaked (VIDEO)

October 31, 2014 | video | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Like every rich person in Hollywood not named Gene Simmons, Adam McKay feels super fucking guilty. He’s the SNL writer who teamed up with Will Ferrell on all his comedy movies and is now worth about $40 million. The two also launched Funny or Die together with their Landlord video and a bunch of other shorts before turning the reigns over to the general public ensuring that only one out of a thousand videos would henceforth be watchable.

Now McKay has created his signature piece for Funny or Die. A My Little Pony cartoon spoof to serve as a JuCo lecture on income inequality, the ills of capitalism, and why America sucks for not paying Burger King employees better wages. McKay got several of his wealthy entertainer friends to help create this video so Madame Defarge might knit them onto the short list of rich people not to kill when the revolution goes down . The video is neither funny or amusing, it’s a talking points memo from the Daily Kos posing as a satire, all of which is fine, except that he’s using it as signature comedy material on Funny or Die.

Just because a guy’s getting $2 million to write Talladega Nights while the teacher writing his kid’s school lesson plan is making $20 an hour doesn’t mean he can’t lecture others on income inequality. I’m down with not having to be the average Joe to want to fight for the average Joe. But cartoon solutions about sticking it to the evil rich and corporations paying janitors enough to buy the new Corolla is just shtick designed to make you feel less guilty about being a college drop out who gets paid a ton to make people giggle. You earned it, a-hole. Nobody hates you for it save for yourself. Put down the crucifix and get yourself another Lambo. Drive to the local Burger King and buy some shit. That’s how the economy actually works. When you’re there, order some extra Whoppers for your house staff and announce that Funny Or Die is closing shop. It’s time.

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