Kendra Wilkinson Was Gay For a Couple of Weeks

September 18, 2015 | Photos | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Somebody at the Hollywood public relations agencies sent out a memo to make sure your female clients have a go-to gay story. The wave of lesbian confessions from the hybrid scripted vaginas on our TV screens has been tsunami like. Kendra Wilkinson announced she was once gay in high school for two weeks. This came up after ten years of reality television confessions of her entire life story that never before included this tidbit. She had a girlfriend in high school and they held hands and now Kendra can be President of the United State of America. A GLAAD award is being prepped as consolation should the current front-runner former Secretary of State lesbian win out.

It’s unclear how Kendra’s newfound historically rewritten temporary gayness will affect her relationship with her husband who has a fondness for tranny cock. Will this open up a new avenue for forgiveness? Or, like many bull dykes will she simply beat the crap out of her queen husband and tell him to cry in his cage? There’s no science that proves watching any of this will make your cock shrivel, but someday there will be. By then it will be too late.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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