Kim Cattrall Misidentified

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Kim Cattrall was misidentified as hunky metrosexual Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mother this Sunday on 60 Minutes. A picture of Cattrall with Trudeau’s father, Pierre, from 1981 was mistakenly shown. A friendly reminder of Trudeau senior’s womanizing. No one noticed, initially, because they were too busy trying to ignore Trudeau’s face while tugging one out to a young Cattrall.

Was this sexist? Not by any reasonable standard of assessment. Cattrall seems to agree, embracing the mix-up, tweeting,

I have a son who is the Prime Minister of Canada? I couldn’t b more proud.”

Celebrities don’t have time to type out long words like, “be.” Though there is no noise yet, don’t be surprised to see CBS pre-deny any gender demeaning elements. 60 Minutes is a white boys club that monolithically views women as interchangeable set pieces. The average age of a 60 Minutes viewer is post-mortem. If this means more Lara Logan in unbuttoned tops, then we’ll have to live with that.  There are still only three channels, right?

Photo credit: Kim Cattrall / Twitter

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