Olivia Wilde Unleashes Bush

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HBO knows where it’s bread is buttered. It’s buttered in tits. As an example, see every single show on HBO. In the latest episode of HBO’s new original series, Vinyl, Olivia Wilde went full frontalVinyl is set in the 1970s. Before men convinced women to shear and wax themselves into a pre-pubescent guise so that men could pretend they were entering uncharted waters. Nobody in 2016 owns a real muff, so Wilde went with a snatch toupee.

“(I felt) less naked. You’re wearing a little fur bikini… I was walking around to the whole crew going, ‘Look at this!'”

What a whore. You don’t deserve that merkin. Do the carpet match the drapes? Only if wardrobe is doing their job.

Photo credit: HBO

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