Chinese Travel Presenter is Sorry for Eating Bat Soup

January 31, 2020 | News | Shot Dunyun | 0 Comments

Chinese Travel Presenter Bat Soup

Her name is Wang Mengyun and she’s a chinese travel presenter who travels Asia as part of her tv series. Back in 2016 Wang dabbled in some of the now infamous Bat Soup, you can see her rip apart the bat wings and eat pieces of the animal that she pulled out of her soup. The video has resurfaced as the internet goes wild on her for promoting something that we now know had something to do with the rapid spread of the Corona Virus.

“I am sorry everyone. I should not have eaten a bat”

Wang is now apologizing and has said that she was ignorant at the time and did not know the delicacy would have something to do with the recent virus. I mean, sure, how was she to know 3 years ago that the corona virus was going be the next SARS and how would she know bats would be to blame but at the same time did she really need to eat that bat?

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