So What Do we think of Heidi Klum’s new Face?

January 20, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun | 0 Comments

Man, Heidi Klum went and jacked her face right the hell up. A month ago she was still the sexy german supermodel we all love, just a little different looking now that she’s got older, which was totally OK! She could pull it off, she didn’t even look at old!

But NOW, now she went and got her face pulled and stretched and really messed up, she looks a lot like that guy from the SAW movies with that mouth, in my opinion.

I really hope this is just the healing process of whatever work she’s had done and that her face will adjust and not be so absolutely terrifying in the weeks to come… time will tell..

My bad – here is her “old” face in a photo taken a few months ago ( i forgot to upload )

Heidi Klum Face

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