Amber Rose is the Leader of the Baby Daddy Gang

February 17, 2020 | Celebs | Shot Dunyun | 0 Comments

Amber Rose update for those who barely care!

Amber got both her baby daddies together for her son Sebastian’s 7th birthday, Sebastian’s dad is rapper Wiz Khalifa and Amber just had her second baby with AE Edwards. This is something you don’t see in the hood too often, usually baby daddies have beef with each other for whatever reason, I personally know women who have set up their ex baby daddy to get shot just so they don’t have to share the child support they get from the new baby daddy.

Anyway, as we know, Amber got her head tattooed with her children’s name last week, turns out her boyfriend AE also got the dates of both her children’s birth tattooed on his forehead, so he has another mans baby’s birthday tattooed on his head.

Amber must have some good pussy cause she’s got dudes doing shit you never see.

Amber is the baby daddy whisperer. ..

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