Ron Jeremy is a Dick

November 2, 2020 | Gossip | Media Man | 0 Comments

There’s no way to soften this – in a few months, Ron Jeremy will be a convicted rapist. Jeremy is currently facing 35 charges of sexual assault and is cooling his can in LA while prosecutors sort it out.

For those who’ve never watched porn, Jeremy is a legendary figure, thanks to a deformity that pleased many women (and some men) over 40 years. Google his name and thrill / grimace according to your jawn.

These accusations are like finding out that Joe Montana beats his dog, or Chuck Norris likes to cross-dress – except there are many women, some under-age, that Jeremy hurt. These are R Kelly like numbers, too many to be ignored no matter how much we admire him.

It’s hard to reconcile all the “good” things the Hedgehog did v. his criminal activity, and his incarceration will fuel opinions about the inherent oppression of the porn industry (whatever). You are dead to us now Ron – please use your twilight years to show us what a Man does for redemption, sympathy, and forgiveness.



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