You Can Win Amal

February 1, 2021 | Celebs | Media Man | 0 Comments

We’re always a bit suspicious of pretty men that women like but that Men are only interested in their wardrobe – guys like Chris Pine, Jared Leto, Leo, Benedict Cumberbatch (and not just bc he’s English), Johnny Depp (who’s in his own level of Amber Heard induced hell), and Sam Smith (we won’t go there).

Then there’s Man’s Men like Henry Caville (also English), Javier Bardem, Jason Mamoa, Daniel Craig (who can be a bit of a prick – whoduvthunk), and whoever tf impregnated Emily Ratajkowski. I’d Google his name but then I’d just end up looking at videos of Ratcow from back when she was less pretentious about stripping.

Consider George Clooney – not exactly the eddie you’d want to go boarding with, but he’d sure have some good stories. Dude isn’t all about Saving the World like most Hollywood SJWs (altho he is), and talks more about houseboating off the coast of Italy with his posse or having the same 14 friends since college. You hear the occasional piece about how a bro whose couch he once crashed on is now a Hollywood player (e.g. Grant Heslov), and how he was hungover on the set with ice-cold Michelle Pfieffer and isn’t playing with yampy names for his kids.

Then there’s his beard Amal, who was probably the most desirable bachelorette 10 years ago. Rich, educated, exotic, falls back in the UN – no matter what you think of her (their) politics, you gotta enjoy her smile while wearing an open blouse.

Pine can mack female producers who think he could conquer a goddess like Gal Godot – I’d rather have a pint with a guy who knows which team Mo Salah plays for.

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