Trump's Deportation Plans Not Yet a Go

Somewhere in the secret documents that couch fainters believe will be driving Trump's Final Solution is a rating system for foreign chicks that either keeps them domestic or puts them on transport back to Ausland. Melania stays. read more

Tracy Anderson in A Bikini

Tracy Anderson is the tiny little L.A. based fitness guru who numerous high profile celebrity clients thank for looking amazing in dresses and bikinis well into their 30's and 40's. Anderson herself doesn't appear to have any of her original parts intact. read more

Kesha's Disproven Rape Charges Still Paying Off Nicely

Who said crime doesn't pay? Not the girl making a living by reporting false crimes to re-negotiate more favorable contract terms to her music. The Billboard Women in Music Awards in December will honor Kesha with their Trailblazer Award. read more

Hilary Duff Trainer Fucking Paying Off

At some point every Hollywood celebrity has to spend some amount of time fucking their personal trainer. Who cares about you more than the person helping you look Instagram body ready? read more

Natasha Oakley And Devin Brugman in Bikinis

If there's one lesson to be learned in the modern economy that no candidate will ever speak it's, you're on your own. Nobody is going to give you jack shit and all the local legacy jobs are gone. Grandpa was an iron worker, dad was an iron worker, I work swingshift at a... read more

Alexis Ren Digital Success Story

Not everything was better in the old days. Good looking chicks who didn't get tapped for traditional modeling careers often straggled back to community college and dental hygienist certifications and you never got to see them mostly naked without paying for dinner. read more

Kelly Rohrbach in A Bikini

The upside of fucking Leonardo DiCpario is a rapid rise in your career prospects post-coital. The downside is every single article written about you thereafter refers to you as DiCaprio's former girlfriend before mentioning your name. read more

Ashley Graham in A Bikini

There has to come some time when you have millions of impressionable Instagram followers that you consider potential damage you might do to strangers. Most of those followers are young women and most have no clue you're putting shit out there to make yourself money. They... read more

Joanna Krupa in A Bikini (VIDEO)

Most problems in life can be solved simply by being beautiful and having stellar tits. Joanna Krupa's reputation suffered dearly with past accusations of hooking and having a pussy that smells like StarKist left out for the tabby. The lesser woman might be felled by such... read more

Lindsey Pelas Climbing

The line of succession of blond women with enormous bikini jugs in Hollywood is starting to settle. The behind the scenes Tudor era realpolitik largely unseen by the general audience content to splash one out to the winner. Kate Upton's departure from the big jugs and big... read more

Alexis Ren Next Gen Instagram Pimping

Social media stardom is no longer a novelty. It's a business. Get in early. Alexis Ren started with bikini photos at fifteen. One of her barely covered mid-teen photos went viral and everybody politely pretended it wasn't millions of men around the world jail-baiting one... read more

Kaili Thorne in A Bikini

It's not that pouring water on your tits is ever a bad idea, but there is the potential for a look of desperation. Bella Thorne's two older sisters continue to play the role of Vince and Dom Dimaggio. You might be decent ball players, but you don't get a cool nickname and... read more