Brooke Burke Topless Island Getaway

April 7, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

When you’re fifteen, you’d kill to see an attractive forty-five year old woman take her top off at the beach. There’s some reversal of desires regarding age difference as you yourself grow older and experience more female nudity in person. To the point you start to feel sorry for that older lady at Mardi Gras working for beads next to her grown children on the balcony. Not that you would’t still lie and say you’re a pilot to fuck her.

Brooke Burke is some kind of wonder of genetics. Also, science. The combo creates a mom topless in the ocean that has dudes hiding in the bushes with cameras capturing her image. Presume she knows. She’s spawned an environmentally dangerous number of children and come through cancer. Your desire makes her float. Root for her to be on your bake sale committee at school and subtly ask her when her oldest is turning eighteen. You’re a pig.¬†Lean into it.


Photo Credit: GSI Media

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