Trial Set For Dave Chappelle's Banana Assailant

Hipsters and racists are both awful to be around and take a lot from society without giving back, but rarely can one douche check both boxes. Christian Englander threw a banana peel at Dave Chapelle while he was performing in New Mexico last year and has been charged with disturbing the peace and battery, because this was a super big banana. Englander either doesn't understand the symbolism involved or is being coy, more

Dave Chappelle Is Still Jacked

Dave Chappelle recently walked off stage at a festival in Hartford, Connecticut, where he was the headlining act, because he said some "young, white alcoholics" were heckling him from the crowd. He even went as far as to say that he hopes that if North Korea ever bombs the U.S. that they choose Hartford as the target. And while people are all up in arms because a comedian said something controversial, I can't help more

Dave Chappelle Wanted To Pull "Reverse Kramer"

Comic genius and crazy motherfucker Dave Chappelle had some choice words for the town of Hartford, CT...namely that he hopes it is destroyed by nuclear weapons. It all started when Chappelle played a show there last week as a part of his big comeback tour. A bunch of drunk frat types started heckling him. Chappelle said he wouldn't go on with the show until they stopped. When they didn't, he sat out his time more