Dr Oz Has Not Many Regrets

Dr Oz offered the closest thing you will hear to an apology for lying his ass off on his stupid TV show. Oz is well known for touting various products as miracle cures, such as green coffee extract or misshapen factory reject Pringles. Dr Oz is a real doctor and is... read more

Dr. Oz Study Wasn't Super Fact Checked

A study Dr Oz quoted mercilessly about green coffee beans being a magical weight loss cure has been shockingly debunked. The study's authors based at the prestigious University of Scranton have got some explaining to do: "The sponsors of the study cannot assure the... read more

Dr. Oz Wasn't Super Duper Honest

Dr. Oz has finally admitted that he's completely full of shit, a realization I came to while watching him stroll through a  colon on a muted television in the Jiffy Lube waiting area. Oz has been promoting pretty much anything that grows in a little league outfield as a... read more