Edward Norton Finds Even Bigger Dick and Hurts His Finger

Edward Norton crossed paths with an even bigger dick than himself yesterday and had to bust the dude's finger up. That's just how Edward Norton rolls. It's primal. Alain Becerra-Calderon (that dude just sounds like a dick) was quite innocently pestering the shit out of... read more

Wednesday headlines, with naked Daisy Lowe

ED NORTON - is in talks to play the villain opposite Jeremy Renner in 'the Bourne Legacy', the new run of Jason Bourne movies that don't have Jason Bourne in them. I would just call them Harry Potter movies, since apparently you can just call your movie whatever the hell... read more


It seems pretty remarkable that "The Incredible Hulk" opens in just 12 weeks, yet no one has seen any good footage or pictures or even a real damn poster. The movie cost 150 million dollars, yet Universal doesn't seem to be promoting it at all. Why would that be? Maybe... read more