Amber Heard Seems Too Happy

It's possible all the insipidly cute anecdotes of married life Amber Heard's people are spewing out to the gossip mags are one hundred percent truthful. She and Johnny Depp are still headed for let's just be friends who fuck other people. Cute couples get divorced easily. The bar is just way too fucking high. He used to carve you bath soaps in the shape of your childhood pet. Now he shits in the sink. Couples more

Kate Upton Isn't a Toy

Kate Upton hates that men see her as a sex object rather than a human being. Her big breakout cover of SI in 2012 left her "feeling terrible, instead of basking in her newfound celebrity." She felt so bad, she could barely take her fat SI paycheck to the bank and then fight to get the cover the following year as well. And, it gets worse, because if you're a model, not only do people treat you like a dumb object, more