FEMEN Is Losing the War of Attrition (VIDEO)

The topless marauding Euro-feminist group FEMEN started out as a tight knit group of shrieking Ukrainian women demanding big ideas like Marxist reforms and state subsidized maxi pads. read more

FEMEN Wins Court Case In Paris

The lovely ladies of FEMEN cheered in a French court as they were acquitted of all charged related to running their naked tits over the antiquities of Notre Dame Cathedral in protest of something super important nobody remembers. It was written on their tits in felt pen... read more

FEMEN Topless Fountain Takeover

The stout faction of the FEMEN army seized control of a fountain sculpture declaring themselves ensconced until the Spanish government reverses its Gag Laws banning people from complaining about how shitty the Spanish government is. It's kind of hard not to root for... read more

FEMEN Have Lost Their Way

FEMEN might be victims of their own success. Like any franchise operation, it's a struggle keep the satellite entities in tune with the strident feminist agenda during periods of rapid expansion. Franchisees can easily go rogue. This group of titty painted protestors in... read more

FEMEN Protestors Protested

It's like looking in a mirror facing a mirror and seeing your reflection an infinity times over. A couple FEMEN protestors hit Morocco to protest the treatment of homosexuals in the country of largely homosexual hating faith based and were met with a protest of their... read more

Topless FEMEN Protester Taken Downtown

The good soldier walks a lonely road. This blond chick was cast out FEMEN for having tits a man might desire. She went rogue at a protest over the Spanish Prime Minister outlawing abortions or taxing tampons like soda or something. A desperate attempt to get the girls at... read more

A Priest, an Imam, and a Rabbi Walk Into a Bar

I hate being the guy to point out that the more clever FEMEN becomes, the less attractive their activists. But I don't mind the heavy lifting. It's statistically challenging to find hot smart chicks who will bare their Sharpie marked up tits in public. Just imagine that... read more

FEMEN Vs. Zuckerberg, Not A Fair Fight

The ever-boisterous garden club ladies of FEMEN were protesting in Barcelona outside some tech conference where Mark Zuckerberg was set to announce that he owns all you bitches, drop the mic, and depart through the ceiling in his four city block sized hovercraft. The... read more

FEMEN Protests Laws Banning FEMEN

The way in which European nations teeter between socialism and totalitarianism amuses me. Mostly because I don't have to live there. In France, there are two parties. The Let Muslims In So What If they Kill a Few Jews Party and the Kill All The Muslims, The Jews Can Go... read more

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Faces FEMEN

I love a good intersection of super fucking annoying people story lines. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is that old dude who was going to be French President but then he forced a maid in a New York Hotel to blow him so he got bumped down to head of the International Monetary... read more

FEMEN Protestor Snatches Baby Jesus

Everybody loves a good abortion. But do you love it enough to snatch up the Baby Jesus at the Vatican manger scene on Christmas and make a run for it? You're inevitably going to be arrested by a dude with a cape and thrown in a medieval dungeon for forty years. Actually,... read more

FEMEN Protestors At The Vatican

You adapt or you die. The FEMEN protestors added coordinated dance moves and miming of Christ on the cross fucking them up their poop traps for their latest Vatican protest. The Pope is not a politician they yelped as onlookers tried to figure out what the fuck they were... read more