Jamie Foxx is disgusting

I don't even wanna think about this so let's just get to it. Extra and IMDb say... Kirstie Alley has a thing for a leading Hollywood man: "I want a booty call with Jamie Foxx -- for real," Alley dished to People magazine. "I've always had a bit of thing for him" ... Foxx admits Alley does meet his criteria of ideal women. He says, "I do like them thick (big)... (and) she is thick." Unless I could come back from the...read more

Fergie sure is sexy

Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, people still pretend that Fergie and her crocodile skin are sexy. And who knows, maybe she is, maybe this is like Dorian Gray, and in real life she's amazing but her pictures age super fast and reflect her sins. I know that's completely retarded but it makes at least as much sense as the notion that Fergie is attractive in any way. NOTE - if you think Fergie is hot, maybe...read more

It's all lies

Sometimes paparazzi pictures are taken from really far away, and so the pictures are real grainy or blurry. I bet the people responsible for tricking the public into thinking that girls in Hollywood actually look like they do in movies wishes this was one of those times. (who: Anne Hathaway. where: NYC. when: 5.21.09. source: pacific coast)read more