Nice Try, Bethenny Frankel

It wasn't all charm and chests at Heidi Klum's Halloween party at Marquee in New York City last night. Talk show host and slowly-evaporating woman Bethenny Frankel was in attendance and she made the very confusing decision to dress as Marilyn Monroe, as she looked a lot more like a 41-year old Lindsay Lohan dressed as Marilyn Monroe's older sister. Maybe she chose this costume for ironic purposes, or maybe she really...

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Melanie Iglesias And Lindsay Ellingson Deserve All Of The Halloween Candy

All I know about Melanie Iglesias is that she has appeared on some MTV show called Guy Code and she thinks that she "served" Kate Upton by dancing with her friend in revealing outfits, and I certainly appreciate the latter. But she stole the show at Heidi Klum's Halloween party at Marquee in New York City last night with her homemade mermaid costume. A mermaid is always a great choice, because it reminds guys how much...

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Miley Cyrus Is Lil Kim For Halloween

Miley Cyrus revealed her Halloween costume on Instagram last night, and she went retro with her joy for showing off her titties and dressed as rapper Lil Kim from the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Did Miley pick this costume as a statement within a statement, as she, like Lil Kim before her, created scandal and controversy for the way she dressed at the typically boring MTV event? Or did she pick it because she really...

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Chelsea Handler's Costume Is Terrifying

Before they showed up to Mike Meldman's huge Halloween party last night, several of the C-list stars first stopped by Kate Hudson's home for a pre-party, because nothing says, "Let's celebrate the Day of the Dead" quite like getting coked and liquored up and driving around Hollywood. One of those huge stars was Chelsea Handler, who apparently went the terrifying route with her costume this year, as she dressed as a...

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Kelly Brook's Halloween Costume Is More Like It

Mike Meldman's annual Halloween party in Beverly Hills was a regular Who's Who of Who Invited These People?, as "stars" from David Spade and Cisco Adler to Chelsea Handler and Tim Allen showed up to stuff their pockets and purses with as much free food as possible. But the entire party wasn't a complete cynical shit show, as Kelly Brook was there, dressed as some sort of a steampunk character. The costume choice was...

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Paris Hilton Was Miley Cyrus For Halloween

Not only is Paris Hilton a brilliant, successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, and not only is she adored throughout the fashion world as a beautiful model and a symbol of class and elegance, and not only is she an incredibly talented music artist and DJ, but she's also super hilarious, you guys. Paris showed up to Hugh Hefner's Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion last night dressed as Miley Cyrus from the first...

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Monday afternoon headlines

LILY ALLEN - has suffered a miscarriage for the second time in three years. This weekend she lost her baby 6 months into her pregnancy. In January 2008, she suffered a similar fate after just one month. (the sun) COURTENEY COX - told Australia's TV Week that she is not getting a divorce from David Arquette. "Still, Cox acknowledges that she and her husband of 11 years are no longer on the same page. 'Sometimes more

Kim Kardashian took a step back for Halloween

Kim Kardashian tried on a few different costumes before finally settling on a Little Red Riding Hood one last night, and it's not that she didn't look great because she did, but last year she went as Princess Jasmine. And it as awesome. I love those pictures so much that before I opened them today, I shaved, put on a suit and tie and put all my girlfriends framed pictures in a drawer. [gallery...

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as always, Heidi Klum won Halloween (UPDATE)

I clearly don't have the proper hobbies to know what Heidi Klum and Seal were dressed as for their Halloween party last night, but, like she does every single year, Heidi won the costume contest, for sheer enthusiasm if nothing else. She's so unapologetically goofy. It's kind of adorable. And who else could prompt people to say, "I would totally fuck that 15 foot purple chick." (SEXY UPDATE - preview pic. Look how...

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I hate this cutesy crap for Halloween

Let me preface this by saying you can wear something cute for Halloween and still look fantastic. Like super famous porn star Kristina Rose did (twitter). She wore a cowgirl costume backwards. She's a Reverse Cowgirl. Get it? Do you get it? It's adorable, and really slutty. Just like Kristina. That's the right way to do a cute costume. Amanda Seyfried and Alyson Hannigan did it the wrong way. Hannigan went as… I don' more

Paris Hilton was a drunk sexy Indian for Halloween

Paris Hilton went to the Playboy Halloween party dressed as someone I would probably have sex with, while her dumb sister went dressed like someone hired for a kids birthday party. Luckily, these are just pictures, so we can crop out Nikki and Paris' fug little rat face and focus on her hot body and her nipple which was sort of poking out. Here's to you, Inventor Of Photography! [gallery...

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JWoww was a schoolgirl with pigtails for Halloween

God damn I love pigtails. And they're even better on a skinny chick with huge breasts, which is what JWoww dressed up as when she hosted a Halloween party at DUSK in Atlantic City. You might be one of those people who still think she isn't hot or at least sexy, and I would argue with you about why she is, but how would you reply with all those dicks in your mouth? (source = splash news online) [gallery...

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Coco was a nurse for Halloween

Coco went to Heidi Klums Halloween party in New York last night dressed as a nurse, but I don't think she's a real nurse. I don't know that for sure though. If I was dying and she came to treat me, I'd have really mixed emotions. I'd rather not die, but I do like red hair and big tits. At least this way my last words would be, "The titties... they're... they're so big..." (source = flynet, wenn and splash)read more

its Playmates trying on sexy costumes

Playmates Tiffany Jordan (blonde), Nicole Narain (brunette) and Christi Shake (red head) went costume shopping this weekend, perhaps to reinvent themselves as they run from their past. Or maybe for Halloween. I didn't really read the fine print because I have a 100 degree fever today. Tell them to stop spinning around so I can whack off to more

jessica simpson is about to snap. or something.

The Enquirer says today that friends and family of Jessica Simpson are worried she may be headed for a mental breakdown. They say Jess suffered a "frightening collapse recently". To illustrate all this, they use a picture of her from August 6th. This one, specifically. These mental breakdowns can take a while to kick in sometimes. "Jessica is in the grips of a life crisis right now," divulged a family friend. "

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