Virtual Japanese Pop Star Appears On Letterman (VIDEO)

By Matt October 10, 2014 @ 8:38 AM

Hatsune Miku made her American debut on Letterman. Miku is a cartoon mascot for a software company which allows users to produce tracks to be sung in her tinny annoying jailbait voice. Even if the music becomes a hit, the Artist is Hatsune Miku who again is not real. She is projected onstage by mirrors like Cher, who has been dead for several decades. She has also been opening for Lady Gaga and doing an equally stellar job of lip synching and wearing stupid shit.

Given Japan’s obsession with anime and synthetic pussy, several Miku songs are big hits. The GEICO Gecko would have a few number ones in the states if throngs of struggling musicians started giving their music to his likeness. Of course, that would be seen as culturally perverse, yet an army of adults rocking out to a 16 year old cartoon chick is just goofy fun when Japanese white cotton panties clutching culture gets in the mix.

I know this is somehow wrong but I can’t explain why. Like cronuts and the entire 1970′s. Maybe it’s that people would rather watch a shitty cartoon than an actual band. Maybe it’s because this is the first pop star than can be legally raped and killed in perpetuity by forty year old dudes in their basement. There is a slippery slope, although I think we fell down it when Letterman’s producers booked a fucking teenaged cartoon.

Hatsune Miku is a huge star in Japan, a 3D hologram

By brendon November 11, 2010 @ 2:20 PM

Hatsune Miku is a big star in Japan who sells lots of records but who is mostly famous for her live shows. Which is more impressive than you might initially think because she’s a fucking hologram. Singularity Hub says…

Hatsune Miku is a rising star in Japan and abroad, singing catchy J-pop that matches her blue-green hair. She’s also a virtual avatar created by Crypton Media using Yamaha’s Vocaloid voice synthesizer. That hasn’t stopped her from amassing a legion of fans who really love her work. I mean really love it. Check out the crowd frantically waving glow-sticks and singing along with Hatsune Miku as she appears via a ‘3D hologram’ on stage in the videos.

Go here and here and here to watch this in 1080i, and you should to see how insanely clear this is. Thank god the Japanese spend most of their time inventing new ways to slaughter every living thing in the ocean and fuck stuff (which I think we both know is how Hatsune came about). If those perverts put their mind to conquering the world, I wouldn’t even have time to finish this sentence in English.

(source = Joe Rogans twitter)