Surprise, Kirk Cameron Hates Gays And Shit Around The Web

A video went viral over the weekend of Kirk Cameron talking about how Sodomites are all going to Hell. Everybody was outraged after looking up the word Sodomite in the urban dictionary. Have Kirk teach you how to talk to "The Gays". (Dlisted) DC's crack smoking party funtime mayor Marion Barry dies. (TMZ) The trailer Star Wars 7 is coming out and nerds everywhere are cumming in their pants. (Huffington Post) more

Kirk Cameron offended the gays. Again.

The ironically named GLAAD is once again pissed off about something, this time Kirk Cameron and the things he said on CNN during an interview with Piers Morgan. I'm assuming it was the part where he implied homosexuality might destroy civilization. "I think that it's unnatural," Cameron (said). "I think that it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization." Into the more