Natalie Portman Wants You To Put Your Meat Down

June 21, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

Vegans are the Jehovah Witnesses of the culinary world. When you question the reason for their questionably strict lifestyle it’s always some sanctimonious response about how their diet and habits are naturally preferred by refined human beings. I’ll stick... READ MORE

Devon Windsor Badonka-Conch and Crap Around the Web

February 16, 2018 | crap around the web | Robert Paulsen| 0 Comments

Blac Chyna bootylicious, Paulina Porizkova nude, and more! READ MORE

Natalie Portman Never Sexually Assaulted But Knows A Friend That Knows A Friend

February 7, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

Natalie Portman is doing her best to wedge her way into the MeToo movement. Her first attempt included giving a speech at the 2018 Women’s March where she opened up about receiving an erotic rape fan letter at the... READ MORE