Raven-Symonè Is Leaving (VIDEO)

Raven-Symonè announced on The View that she's moving toCanada if "any Republican gets nominated" this year in the Presidential election. It's clear she doesn't understand the basics of the Presidential election process. Or the fact that nobody cares if she goes. Save for Canada who has to be urging citizens to cross the border and vote for Clinton. I already have my ticket … No, I literally bought my ticket, I swear....read more

Raven-Symone Doesn't Like Black Folks And Shit Around The Web

Former Cosby kid and wayward soul Raven-Symone said on The View that she purposefully doesn't hire people with "Black People" names.Damn Dr. Huxtable raped the sane right out of her. Read all about Raven's cultural confusion. (TMZ) Justin Bieber shows off his bare dick, I don't know, show your girlfriend. (Last Men On Earth) Kimberly Leeman is naked in Fire City: End of Days. (Egotastic All-Stars) Nina Dobrev sure is...read more

Raven-Symone Is Gay Now Too

Everyone in Hollywood is applauding Raven-Symone for coming out quietly over the weekend on social media. It's considered 'thoughtful and dignified'. When celebs come out as gay in a more pronounced manner, it's consider 'bold and courageous'. If you come out only after getting caught on the down low in a gay romp, it's considered 'tough and understandable'. Even if you don't officially come out, you're referred to...read more