Raven-Symone Is Gay Now Too

By Lex August 06, 2013 @ 5:25 PM

Everyone in Hollywood is applauding Raven-Symone for coming out quietly over the weekend on social media. It’s considered ‘thoughtful and dignified’. When celebs come out as gay in a more pronounced manner, it’s consider ‘bold and courageous’. If you come out only after getting caught on the down low in a gay romp, it’s considered ‘tough and understandable’. Even if you don’t officially come out, you’re referred to reverently as Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey. And, if you happen to be the unfortunate straight bastard in this town, nobody calls you at all.


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  1. Admiral 08/06/2013 18:33

    I hear they’ve isolated the genes for homosexuality and are developing a cure. Thank you, modern science!

  2. RoreyRock 08/06/2013 20:38

    Why is it imperative for a celeb to “come out” and announce whether they like c*ck or p*ssy? Who really cares about this fat ass and her carnal propensities.. This is the ultimate narcissistic move; assuming that the world gives a shyte who your screwing. Grow up and keep your fat ass sex life to your self..

  3. Stoned Raider 08/06/2013 23:57

    @RoreyRock Why is it imperative for you to censor cock and pussy?

  4. Stoned Raider 08/06/2013 23:57

    @RoreyRock Why is it imperative for you to censor cock and pussy?

  5. Admiral 08/07/2013 02:30

    Because there are no guidelines as to what is permitted and what is not, Stoned. So, either you censor your cocks and pussies, or you’ll need to remember to copy your text, otherwise the page will refresh and you’ll lose what you’ve written.
    Some words are still censored, like f*ucker, I believe.

  6. Dr Drew 08/07/2013 10:31

    While we’re on the topic, I am coming out of the closet to announce I am a flaming hetrosexual and proud of it….now where’s my op ed in a national newspaper to announce this?

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