Rob Lowe's Shy Bladder Criticized (VIDEO)

Rob Lowe's half funny DirecTV commercials are under fire by a group called the International Paruresis Association because one of them shows his character too bashful to piss in a public latrine. Paruresis means 'Shy Bladder' in Latin or 'Embarrassingly Small Dick' in... read more

Rob Lowe Is Too Handsome

World's most perfect looking man puppet Rob Lowe claims he's been discriminated against for being too handsome. The guy who starred in all of those 80's movies and one underaged girl sex tape told the New York Times that he's felt disadvantaged from being really really... read more

Charlie Sheen edition headlines

If you told 10 people that you were planning to go on TV with some porn stars and call yourself a warlock and say how much you love drugs and tell your boss to go fuck himself, I bet almost none of them would say, "Oh yeah that's a good idea." And yet that's what Charlie... read more


Jessica Gibson went on the Today show this morning to repeat her claims that Rob Lowe exposed himself, touched himself and groped her several times while she worked for him as a nanny between 2005 and 2008. This is in reaction to Lowes comments last week that Gibson was... read more