Rex Ryan Went Running With The Bulls (Video)

The annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain started on Sunday morning, with thousands of "brave" morons living life to its fullest by trying to outrun each other while 12 terrified cows chase them through a narrow street. Among those morons was New York Jets coach Rex Ryan, who showed why he's a real man by lifting his fat ass on to a fence while the steer passed him by to hopefully trample some more

Drunk Spanish Men Taunt Stupid Bulls Once More

I'm all for blood sport. Mano amano. Davy Crockett taking down a bear with spit and grit. But I don't understand the thrill of thousands of early morning drunk Spaniards tormenting stupid animals to an early grave. Everybody in the entire world except for the dumb schmuck who gets gored is rooting for the dumb schmuck to get gored. Why? Because he deserves it. They all do. You know who likes unfair fights? The more