morning headlines

KIM KARDASHIAN - will get paid 50 grand to have a birthday party (she turns 29 on Wednesday) at Tao inside the Venetian in Las Vegas. I sometimes stand outside of Tao and loudly complain on my cell phone about all the girls I've been having sex with. The "dude" I'm talking to gets it, because we're friends, and we make jokes about it. He and the rest of "my boys" will be here shortly, so I'll just hang out here more

afternoon headlines

JAMES CAMERON – “Avatar”, his first movie since “Titanic”, could cost more than 300 million dollars, which would pass “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” as the most expensive movie ever made. Yet still a bargain to get a James Cameron 3D sci-fi movie. Not a bargain: Skippy peanut butter. The CouponLady Dianne Laumann says, “They’ve put a big dimple on the bottom.” (source = deadline: hollywood and abc2)JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE more

evening headlines

KANYE WEST - prosecutors in LA have charged Kanye with misdemeanor battery, grand theft and vandalism after he ripped a camera from a paparazzi and smashed it on the ground in a little hissy fit (relive the magic here) at LAX in September. So, good. He should have been arrested and shot just for those GD sweater vests. (source = new york times)RIHANNA – official became officialer today when the producer who has more