morning headlines

KIM KARDASHIAN - will get paid 50 grand to have a birthday party (she turns 29 on Wednesday) at Tao inside the Venetian in Las Vegas. I sometimes stand outside of Tao and loudly complain on my cell phone about all the girls I've been having sex with.  The "dude" I'm... read more

afternoon headlines

JAMES CAMERON – “Avatar”, his first movie since “Titanic”, could cost more than 300 million dollars, which would pass “Pirates of the Caribbean 3” as the most expensive movie ever made.  Yet still a bargain to get a James Cameron 3D sci-fi movie.  Not a bargain: Skippy... read more

evening headlines

KANYE WEST - prosecutors in LA have charged Kanye with misdemeanor battery, grand theft and vandalism after he ripped a camera from a paparazzi and smashed it on the ground in a little hissy fit (relive the magic here) at LAX in September.  So, good.  He should have been... read more