Johnny Depp feels Tonto would wear a crow for a hat

Mega-Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has a twitter apparently, and this morning he posted the first look at Armie Hammer as Dan Reid and Johnny Depp as Tonto in 'the Lone Ranger', though if they wanted to call this a bio-pic about WCW superstar Sting or a very literal remake of 'The Crow', that would probably work more

the Lone Ranger movie is back on

Back in September, the Lone Ranger movie starring Johnny Depp as Tonto was shut down because Disney didn't want to pay 250 million dollars to make a movie about Indian shape shifting werewolves. But now it's back on, because paying 215 million to make a movie about Indian shape shifting werewolves is more reasonable. Hopefully that will still be enough to buy all the bronzer needed to make Johnny Depp look like more