George Zimmerman Went Shopping For A Shotgun

By Travis August 23, 2013 @ 9:00 AM

I don’t know much about the George Zimmerman trial, because it didn’t have anything to do with Julianne Hough’s ass in yoga pants, but I’m told that it made a lot of people on the Internet fight about guns or something. That’s why I found it strange that TMZ reported that Zimmerman was shopping for a tactical shotgun that looks like it could blow a hole through the side of a tank at the Kel-Tec assembly plant in Florida yesterday.

Maybe it’s because the guy knows that he’s Public Enemy No. 1 and feels like his life needs to be one long gun store scene from Commando, or maybe he can only convince Lifetime to buy the movie rights if he guarantees them a sequel. Either way, maybe next time don’t take a picture at a gun plant if you give even the slightest shit about your public image and/or life, George.

(Photo Credit: Getty)

Jay Z And Justin Timberlake Paid Tribute To Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)

By Travis July 22, 2013 @ 10:00 AM

Jay Z and Beyoncé spent Saturday in New York City protesting the verdict in the George Zimmerman case with Trayvon Martin’s mom and, of course, the Reverend Al Sharpton, whose radar for TV cameras and celebrity photo opportunities is sharper than ever. Jay Z and Beyoncé have apparently been very focused on the aftermath of the trial, as Mrs. Carter dedicated a song to the deceased teenager last weekend and Jay and Justin Timberlake did the same at their show at Yankee Stadium on Friday night.

And someone in the crowd probably still booed and shouted, “Go Red Sox!”

Chris Brown looks threatening, better shoot him

By brendon March 30, 2012 @ 5:11 AM


Chris Brown went on twitter today to climb on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon by posting a picture of himself in a hoody. Where’s a concerned Hispanic citizen on a mission to take back the streets when we need one? We need El Batman!

Of course if Brown really wanted to be like Trayvon he would have posted a picture of himself when he was 13, since that’s all the media ever does. Like the picture People magazine uses for it’s cover that is always cropped so you don’t see that it was taken in 2008. Or he should have a twitter name like “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” and post romantic gems like:

“Hahaha Hoe u got USED fa yo loose ass pussy.! Tighten up.! #Literally.”

Or a second twiiter page under the name “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3″ for things like

“Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”

Don’t get me wrong, my only point is I hate the fucking media for trying to rile everyone up by portraying this kid as some shy, innocent little angel when that’s obviously not a complete picture, and for making everyone think the shooter is white when he isn’t. Stop trying to incite a race war just because some lone jackass shot a kid. Fuck, I would have shot him just for his grammar no matter what color he was.