George Zimmerman Went Shopping For A Shotgun

August 23, 2013 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

I don’t know much about the George Zimmerman trial, because it didn’t have anything to do with Julianne Hough’s ass in yoga pants, but I’m told that it made a lot of people on the Internet fight about guns... READ MORE

Jay Z And Justin Timberlake Paid Tribute To Trayvon Martin (VIDEO)

July 22, 2013 | video | editor| 0 Comments

Jay Z and BeyoncĂ© spent Saturday in New York City protesting the verdict in the George Zimmerman case with Trayvon Martin‘s mom and, of course, the Reverend Al Sharpton, whose radar for TV cameras and celebrity photo opportunities is... READ MORE

Chris Brown looks threatening, better shoot him

March 30, 2012 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

Chris Brown went on twitter today to climb on the Trayvon Martin bandwagon by posting a picture of himself in a hoody. Where’s a concerned Hispanic citizen on a mission to take back the streets when we need one?... READ MORE


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