Lindsay Lohan is traditional - Lindsay Lohan spent Christmas Eve in a bar, arriving at Lotus in the New York City meatpacking district around 11:30 and staying until around 3 am.  Why?  Because her life is fantastic.

Carrie Underwood is taken - Despite being previously linked to Jessica Simpson, quarterback Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys is now apparently dating country singer Carrie Underwood.  In fact, "she made a surprise Christmas Day appearance at Texas Stadium, hugging her new man on the field before the Cowboys' crushing 23-7 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles."  It was also before Romo stood behind his center all day with a raging hard-on, which probably did anything but help.

Keith and Nic are okay - Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were seen together yesterday in Sydney, seemingly happy despite a breaking story claiming that Urban had a steady sexual relationship with 23-year-old model Amanda Wyatt that began in 2004 and didnt end until the day he married Nicole.  Wyatt said:

"Keith is a very good lover; he was a good man all around.  It was one good thing a night. It was very fiery. You could tell we were just into each other and that is what made it good. From April 2005 until they got married in June 2006, we got together a lot of times, but I can't put a figure on it. It was a pretty regular thing."

When asked for a comment, Urban said, "does anyone know who I am or how on earth me and my stringy hair ended up banging models and Nicole Kidman.  Any why is my forhead so big?  Seriously, this can't be normal.  Am I sick or something?"

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