By brendon February 19, 2007 @ 3:09 PM

Las Vegas police are investigating a shooting at a strip club that was hosting a post NBA All-Star Game party.  Several celebrities were in attendance including rapper Nelly.  Eyewitnesses say a fight broke out after the celebrities threw thousands of dollar bills onto the strip club stage just before 5am this morning.  According to police, the club's security escorted everyone outside.  Minutes later there were five gunshots.  Police say three people have been shot, two are in critical condition.  Police are also investigating a shooting inside the parking garage at the MGM Grand that took place just before 4am and is thought to be related to the All Star Game.  One person was shot in the hip and is expected to recover.   Las Vegas police are reporting 300 people involved in NBA related festivities have been arrested since Thursday.  Police also say it's about god dammed time rappers and dudes from the NBA went to a gun range and got a little practice.  3 people shot with 5 bullets is like the best percentage ever recorded for a rap star gunfight.  Normally they couldn't hit the Statue of Liberty if you gave them an AK-47 and 6 hours.  This shooter shouldn't be arrested, he should be  immortalized.  The mayor should give him the key to the city on the stairs of a courthouse or put his picture on a coin. 

(the pictures are Christina at halftime of the all-star game)

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    Ravener 02/19/2007 15:54

    Christina should do the right thing and start making porn movies.

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    sheepsteeth 02/19/2007 15:54

    Second yeah

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    ben 02/19/2007 15:57

    another non britney update!!! nice

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    heff 02/19/2007 15:59

    Guns, rappers, and the NBA. You might as well say water and wet or trees and green or oxygen and necessary to sustain life.

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    El Fucko Face o 02/19/2007 16:01

    Finally some good news. Aren’t these guys great? Hopefully they will get some time in down at the range so they can improve their accuracy and kill each other faster, though it’s hard to hit your target when you’re drunk off your ass on Courvassier and Champagne. Still a classy story, though.

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    Narrator 02/19/2007 16:06

    Christina is hot, but it looks like her muffin top is trying to escape in that first picture.

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    dave09 02/19/2007 16:07

    Are you trying to look like you’re a “real” news source now? Stop plagiarizing and cite your sources.

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    RR 02/19/2007 16:08

    Give the Mayor a medal for NOT being politically correct.

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    Victell 02/19/2007 16:09

    EFFO: What ‘guys’? Is that like ‘you people’?

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    furiousgeorge 02/19/2007 16:11

    poor girl. nba makes her wear pants that are so tight, it oozes her ass up to the top and you can start to see it spill over the sides between her pants and vest in the first pic of the group.

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    Victell 02/19/2007 16:14

    dave, it is obvious you are some kind of spectacular idiotard, so I’m not sure if you are going to understand this, but here goes… Sir, if your dick is long enough please go fuck yourself. If it is not, then kindly go tubgirl yourself.

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    JoeBlow 02/19/2007 16:15

    In other news my balls really smell funky today. Maybe I should take a shower.

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    02/19/2007 16:15

    “Guns, rappers, and the NBA.” Sounds like the perfect slogan for black history month, considering last year it was “crack, welfare, and KFC.”

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    Ken 02/19/2007 16:27

    A black family of four hears about a magical river that can turn them white if they swim across so they go and the dad and mom swim across, and they come out white, the daughter jumps in and swims across and she turns white, so the son tries to swim but the current takes him and the little girl goes up to dad and goes, “daddy daddy Kobe just got taken by the current!” and the dad says, “Ah, fuck that nigga”.

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    Aaron 02/19/2007 16:28

    I was waiting for Austin (The NEW Mencia) to stop being rational and return to making silly, bitch-like comments. It took four threads. That’s gotta be a new record. Can we get someone in the production office to look that up?

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    Aaron 02/19/2007 16:29

    Stay classy, Ken! Stay classy!

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    Doctress Leisa 02/19/2007 16:31

    Yea, these guys really need to get better at shooting to KILL, because dead rappers=Natural Selection at work. Come on, you fucking bling-bling encrusted thugs–make Darwin proud!

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    thor 02/19/2007 16:37

    I don’t care what you say, CA’s husband still looks like a young Yasser Arafat. (And I don’t mean that in a nice way.)

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    El Fucko Face o 02/19/2007 16:38

    16:09-No Victell. I meant whatever assholes were in Vegas at a fucking titty bar shooting at each other over some stupid bullshit in a parking lot. I’ve had guns around me my whole life, but never pointed one at a human being, fired one while driving a car, or brought one to watch unwed mothers dance naked in Las Vegas. I think that is stupid behavior for any color of human and I really do want anyone who fits that description to die a.s.a.p.

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    thor 02/19/2007 16:39

    And I bet Christina is secretly — or maybe openly — smirking at Britney’s fate. Weren’t they rivals at one time, you know, for the hearts and minds and wallets of everyone under 20?

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