By brendon June 13, 2007 @ 3:46 PM

CBB is one of many asking if Jennifer Garner might be pregnant for the second time with husband Ben Affleck, because of recent pictures that show Garner looking like it's a distinct possibility.  Which is amazing, because, umm … wow.  Their daughter Violet may grow up to be gorgeous – and it's possible because her mom is super hot – but she's off to a very very very very very bad start.  If that thing came crawling across the floor at me, I'd scream in terror and then drown it.  That's the kind of thing you see in movies right before a guy loads his crossbow and a Mexican woman makes the sign of the cross.

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    Jesus H. Christ 06/13/2007 16:09

    Lucky fuckin' Affleck.  How'd that tool land that sweet piece of ass?  TWICE!!

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    Eddie Munster 06/13/2007 16:11

    SECOND…..and i USED to think she was hot, until i realized how much of an elf she looks like!

    I want to see some Soprano stuff… tells tony's DEATH best

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    Guinny_Ire 06/13/2007 16:11

    Nah, she's just fat from the first one. For reference see Britney.

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    JB 06/13/2007 16:12

    Agreed. Affleck is a tool, and she is a sweet POA.

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    Jesus H. Christ 06/13/2007 16:13

    This may sound bad but to hell with it.  That is one UGLY fuckin' kid.  She's gonna play hell with the corn on the cob eating contest at family reunions. 

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    John19 06/13/2007 16:15

    What Jesus said.

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    VegasHustler 06/13/2007 16:16

    Damn they make ugly kids! Please don't do this to another innocent child. Have the decency to wrap it up or at least give her the ol' wire hanger douche!

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    Zack 06/13/2007 16:16

    Is Affleck sure that Dunstferatu isn't the mother of his kid?  I have a hard time finding it credible that someone as luscious as Jennifer Garner could give birth to a goblin like this.  Seriously, Ben, get a DNA test, just to be sure.

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    djprimak 06/13/2007 16:17

    She is only sticking her stomach out to support the kid in the side profile.  But, you're damn right about the kid, yowsa!

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    VegasHustler 06/13/2007 16:17

    She looks like the baby from Ghostbusters 2 once the demon took over it's body.

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    wanky 06/13/2007 16:22

    goblin baby!!

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    Bob Loblaw 06/13/2007 16:24

    I dunno … I've never thought JenGar was anything better than really weird looking, but anyone wondering how that kid got to be so ugly needs to find a copy of last month's InStyle. Fug apparently runs deep in the Garner gene pool. Jennifer's mom looks like a man-horse wearing lipstick.

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    gangreen 06/13/2007 16:24

    jennifer Garner looks like a man, change her name to James Garner (and she can still keep the monogrammed wedding platter. 

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    cinderella 06/13/2007 16:26

    i think the kid's gonna be beautiful.

    ugly duckling syndrome, ever heard of it?

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    bryce 06/13/2007 16:31

    Looking at pictures like this I am amazed anyone breeds.

    What did they get for their trouble first time round? A fine POA ruined and a fucking troll. Whoop-de-fuckin-do.

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    Matt 06/13/2007 16:35

    Garner is attractive… but she definitely isn't hot.  Up against ScarJo, Jessical Biel, Shannon Elizabeth, and Halle Berry she is a troll.

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    Conal 06/13/2007 16:36

    Never feed them after midnight, and never, NEVER get them wet.

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    Sloppy Joe 06/13/2007 16:39

    My Precious!

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    hotdogwheel 06/13/2007 16:42

    It looks like shrek

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    brian16 06/13/2007 16:45

    If it takes a small man to belittle a baby then call me Poppa Smurf because that kid is uglier than sin and probably smells like a fat man's Taco Bell shit.

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