I have no idea if Shemar Moore is gay or not, but, in my defense, I have virtually no idea who Shemar Moore is, so it's almost like he doesn't exist.  I can't go around all day trying to determine if fictional people are gay or not.  I do know he's on "Criminal Minds" with Inigo Montoya (who has maybe the most random IMDb picture ever) and the insanely under-rated and brilliant Paget Brewster. I also know naked pictures of Shemar were taken on a gay beach.  So maybe he is ... wait, they have gay beaches now?  God dammit, gay people have it made in this country.  There's no hetero version of this, where hot girls who are famous models and tv stars swim around naked.  Which is why I had a moat installed around my house.

(click HERE for the uncensored)

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