I hate Mark Wahlberg and his wooden line reads and the way he furrows his stupid brow and tries to look intense but just looks confused, like a caveman poking a turtle with a stick, so obviously it's reason to celebrate as "the Happening" marks its place in history as one of the worst things ever filmed.  M Night Shyamalan gets more pretentious every single movie, this time even making commercials with him just sitting there talking.  At this point he could make a movie about the Civil War and he would cast himself as Abraham Lincoln.  Despite all this Mark Wahlberg still had the nerve to talk shit about the Oceans 11 movies:
Is it true you turned down the chance to be in the Ocean's films?Yeah - and it was well worth it! The second one sucked! People tell George Clooney it's great, but we all know it sucked. I made two bad movies instead - Planet Of The Apes and The Truth About Charlie - but doing that was better than sitting with Brad and George, telling the press how great everybody is! "We were in Europe, George was funny, then we had some wine..." - that's not for me. I do love those guys, but I had to step out on my own.

Did you know that M. Nights real name is Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan.  When you say it out loud it doesn’t even sound like an actual name.  It sounds like a spell.  I heard that if you say it out loud three times you can turn someone into a bunny.

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