I’ve seen that picture of Pete Wentz on the cover of Out magazine, but there’s literally nothing on earth I have less interest in than Pete Wentz on the cover of Out magazine, so I never bothered to read anything from it.  But it turns out it was sort of noteworthy because he apparently confesses to kissing guys on several different occasions.  AOL says…
In an interview with Out magazine, the Fall Out Boy bassist admitted that he was 16 or 17 when he first kissed a guy -- and it was on a dare. Wentz also said he continued experimenting through age 19. His last same-sex smooch?"A long time ago. Probably when I was 22?" said the 29-year-old Wentz, who also said he has a man-crush on fellow musician John Mayer.
Holy crap.  I thought he was gonna say he did it when he was 8 or something.  22?  I hate to be the one to break this to Ashlee Simpson, but the man you married is gay. 

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