By brendon October 01, 2008 @ 7:30 PM

The Jack White and Alicia Keys song for the next James Bond movie finally has a video, and it's way way worse than you could have ever imagined.  Jack White is awesome, but Alicia Keys is ridiculously out of place.  Her voice is way too small for this.  If her voice her was big as her ass, we'd be all set. 

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    qwert1234 10/01/2008 19:46

    fisterly fat fucks

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    qwert1234 10/01/2008 19:50

    Hmmm no one remotely interested B so no need to update until 0600 EST. Check out my super hot shock though seen as you are here…BOING!!!!

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    ohmwrecker 10/01/2008 20:13

    Brenduhn – Stick to posting about C list retard celebrities because you don't know shit about music.

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    qwert1234 10/01/2008 20:20

    Bloody hell Ohm, that's brutale (as per the MV Augusta motorcycle by the way)…you can't type that string for goodness sake…(can you?) I guess you can it seems… Wait until 0700 PDT to see if it sticks on the thread fosho

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    CoupDeGrace 10/01/2008 20:25

    I think its pretty good as it is.. dunno what u have.

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    snappy.vajayjay 2.0 10/01/2008 20:31

    It's interesting. Looks a little etch-a-sketchy, though. I love me some Alicia Keys. 

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    qwert1234 10/01/2008 20:47

    Being from the despotic small inbred Island that is the UK these days…I think the Bond franchise has jumped the shark years ago. No amount of 'darky slave singing' is going to make me plonk down almost ten mexican crop pickin dohlars to hear this drivel or see the movie. I might buy the popcorn and play the viddy games and sneak in afte the film has started like always because the fat American kids taking tickets need a snack break….Just saying that's all :)

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    RN Azriel 10/01/2008 20:56


    The Bond music lost its edge – this fruitcake and fat ass tramping around the screen in their matching high pitched voice makes me wish for the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Speaking of nails thats who should have done this song, a NIN version of this would rock.


    The only saving grace is Alica Keys always looks good.

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    EdgardoElegante 10/01/2008 21:00

    What the shit was that?

    What happened to you Jack, you used to be cool.

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    qwert1234 10/01/2008 21:24

    Even RN Azriel though it was crap and his AVI is very fuckin cool (looks like he will kick my white arse into next month)….That's enough for me…It must suck a big one then so I'm done…I guess it's as boring as a WWTDD meet on the west coast if you are not Tengo Wood or Paleomiz.

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    EdgardoElegante 10/01/2008 21:56

    What? There was a WWTTD meet on the West coast?

    Why the fuck was I not invited? It's not because I "steal" all the free food is it?


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    qwert1234 10/01/2008 22:22

    Fuck me..

    Is that an avi for a California Suspension Works rear shock for an FZ1000 with a Gold Star Custom Valve wafer compression/rebound set up? Good lord that's like a $1000 rear shock absorber assembly for the super fast Yamaha FZ1000 naked street bike like what Madge_Kebabsoff rides. That fat fuck UK bastard has some cash to drop….Good Lord…that set up is for the Miller Motorsport track time right?…he is one fast fuck on a naked streetbike.

    Madge says Bollocks for the 2009 Naked Streetbike Series.

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    qwert1234 10/01/2008 22:32

    EE…wearing a bowler hat in So. Cal is likely to get your face kicked in mate.

    WWTDD get together I believe was Paleomiz and Tengo wood having a shag-a-thon in the UCLA dorms and anyone else that was stupid enough to turn up for the event would end up walking around the Fox Hills or Del Amo mall's looking for T-Shirts.



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    the d-a-double d-y-m-a-c 10/01/2008 22:35

    So, does “awesome” mean the same thing as “way overrated”?

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    niclipse 10/01/2008 22:50

    Alicia Keys is hot. She could make videosmusic videos with her iphone and a sock puppet and i wouldnt care.

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    Tito's Abdomen 10/01/2008 23:08

    This is the first really, really bad Bond theme song.



    Really bad. 

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    Komodo 10/01/2008 23:21

    The drumming was tight. Major hair and sickliness issues still going on with that guy. Odd mismatch, but the energy of it was notable.

    The melody was there as well.

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    Bodd 10/02/2008 00:02

    I agree with Komodo on the hair and sickliness, WTF is up with Jack White's look? It's as if Robert Smith from The Cure was trying to look like Shemp Howard. Gawd…

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    BloatedGoat 10/02/2008 01:15

    After watching this all i can do is think about the classic bond shot of the girl in the gun. Correct me if I am wrong, but this seems to be the first time the gut was bigger than the tits.

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    Goblin Shark 10/02/2008 01:27

    Alicia Keys is a terrible actress and I would rather listen to my dog drink water than her music. Fuck this song.

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