ashlee is going to melrose place

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Ashlee Simpson on a TV series.  She of course got her big break seven years ago on the WB series "7th Heaven".  Just to be clear, when I say I'll never forget, it’s because I never knew it in the first place, because I have no idea what that is.  So needless to say it was very wise of the new WB to hitch their wagon to Ashlees star once again.  Can her follow up live up to the original that I never heard of?  Let's find out!  The Hollywood Reporter says...
The singer-actress has been tapped as a lead on the CW's "Melrose Place" update.  Simpson-Wentz will play Melrose Place's newest resident, Violet, a bright-eyed but shrewd small-town girl and recent L.A. transplant who has come to town with a secret.
What are the odds her secret is gonna be anything even remotely interesting?  Like she has a penis, or hates Jews.  I mean really hates them.[gallery columns="6"]

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