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April 7, 2009 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

JESSICA SIMPSON – a Nashville web site says she has been dropped by her country record label.  Her tour has, “been marked by fumbled songs, do overs and booing crowds.”  How GD bad was it that a country music crowd boo'd Daisy Duke? What did she do, jack off a black guy? (ok!)

KAL PENN – has been hired by the White House as a liaison (wait, what) to help maintain communication between the President and Hollywood.  Or to be a binding and thickening agent used in cooking.  But probably that first one, the one about talking.  (source = ap

TRICIA HELFER – did you know that “Battlestar Galactica” star Tricia Helfer was in Playboy in 2007?  Because I somehow did not.  Which is surprising because I love Tricia Helfer and 2007.  (source = playboy cyber club)

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