Gee I wonder who leaked these

By brendon May 08, 2009 @ 1:40 PM


These cellphone pictures of Rihanna in various stages of undress (including the one full frontal naked money shot here) only just leaked and it’s not clear where they’re from or how they ended up online, but it was Chris Brown. He did it.

Sexy Update – Wow, he punches girls in the face AND wears panties on his head.  Chris Brown must be training for the Tough Guy Olympics.

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    CodPiece 05/08/2009 13:42


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    DarkCherry 05/08/2009 13:43

    ha ha headly! there u go

    cp – eh? really?

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    The Inebriated Tony Stark 05/08/2009 13:44

    This is how the week is going to end?

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    CodPiece 05/08/2009 13:44

    Those big ass hips kinda lose me. That and she is batshit crazy … i’m gonna take the physical challenge on this one.

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    dj techsys 05/08/2009 13:45

    great, Naked Battered Girlfriends Get Internet Revenge

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    The Inebriated Tony Stark 05/08/2009 13:45

    The physical challenge: you must drink Scotch until you pass out or die.

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    pepper 05/08/2009 13:45

    AHAHAHAHAHAHA, New Brendon, you are late to the party.

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    SinDs 05/08/2009 13:46

    Tony, when is this challenge going down?

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    The Inebriated Tony Stark 05/08/2009 13:47

    Did I mention the Scotch is laced with “pure evil”?

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    Headly 05/08/2009 13:47

    Dark Cherry, boy. Ask and you shall receive. Your powers are awesome!

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    DarkCherry 05/08/2009 13:47

    are you sure? it’s a doozy. slides, slime, a cargo net, all while shoving flags down your shirt.

    there are more on the original site. which doesn’t load anymore…

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    The Inebriated Tony Stark 05/08/2009 13:49

    SinDs, the challenge will probably start in about an hour (maybe an hour and a half).

    I will not be doing the challenge, instead I’ll just be drinking Scotch not laced with “pure evil”.

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    Headly 05/08/2009 13:49

    Tony, that’s exactly how I order my scotch.

    Glenmorangie, barkeep. Neat, with a splash of pure evil.

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    pepper 05/08/2009 13:49

    I can’t drink Scotch

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    SinDs 05/08/2009 13:50

    Well I think the “pure evil” would come after I drink the scotch…

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    The Inebriated Tony Stark 05/08/2009 13:51

    I feel sorry for you Pepper. I’ll drink more in your honor.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/08/2009 13:51

    I think it’s actually insulting to call him new Brendon. That’s saying he actually has some of the writing abilities that Brendon had. New Writer douche fits a bit better and is more to the point.

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    The "Intrigued" Tony Stark 05/08/2009 13:52

    “Well I think the “pure evil” would come after I drink the scotch…”

    SinDs, now, I am intrigued…

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    Headly 05/08/2009 13:53

    SinDs, what variety of “pure evil”? The “I take my clothes off and have wild monkey sex” evil, or the “I’ll set you on fire with lighter fluid and a can of aerosol cheese” evil.

    First kind, good. Second kind…not so mcuh

  20. avatar
    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/08/2009 13:53

    Glenlevitt or Johnny black?

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