Farrah Fawcett has (passed away)

By brendon June 25, 2009 @ 8:30 AM


I naturally assume that everyone is still riding the high of LSU winning the College World Series last night, their sixth since 1991, so I’m sorry to drag everyone down, but late last night Farrah Fawcetts publicist made this statement:

It was just related to me, that our Farrah just given last rites. She is not in any pain. For those who believe make contact with god now.

That was on his Twitter page, and I’m no pc homo but I don’t think it would have killed him to change out his wildly, insanely inappropriate wallpaper before making a post about his client going to see God.  But whatever.  I thought a nice way to honor Farrah on what may be her final day would be to post a bunch of her Playboy pictures and then stare at her tits. You stay classy Brendon!

BREAKING CRAPPY UPDATE – at 9:37am pct, Entertainment Tonight issued an alert reporting that Farrah Fawcett died this morning at the age of 62.

(the pictures start here, and I should mention that they were surprisingly hard to find, so I tacked on Melanie Griffiths 1976 shoot when she was 19 – guest starring Don Johnson and Not Shaving – and Bo Dereks in 1980. I figure they’re all basically the same thing)

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    Ensocklopedia Britannica 06/25/2009 06:31

    So was it “rights” or “rites”?

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    DB's Treasure 06/25/2009 06:31

    I wanna fuck her hair.

  3. avatar
    Ensocklopedia Britannica 06/25/2009 06:31

    I assume the “to remain silent” one is a given.

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    Ensocklopedia Britannica 06/25/2009 06:32

    Farrah’s hair is the hot.

  5. avatar
    DB's Treasure 06/25/2009 06:35

    The three dudes from Hollywood I’d like to chill at a bar with:

    Charlie Sheen
    Danny DeVito
    Morgan Freeman

  6. avatar
    Watt(Power) 06/25/2009 06:36

    I am the hot

  7. avatar
    RemSteale 06/25/2009 06:37

    Nah DB

    John Cusack
    Charlie Sheen
    Jack Nicholson

  8. avatar
    Willie Beamin 06/25/2009 06:37

    I would still slam the shit out of Bo Derek and look at Melanie then and look at her now…

  9. avatar
    leftnutofjesus 06/25/2009 06:37

    i stroked my dick through 4 or 5 episodes of coeds for cash last night……i see why people do tantric now.

    after stroking my wang and bringing myself to the edge for about 2 hours….i rang my fucking mouth with the salty manjam of jesus descent.

    it was too late to call anyone and tell them about it.

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    Zombie 06/25/2009 06:38

    DB, did you see the episode the other night where Emilio Estevez died on Charlie’s patio?

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    Rick (with a silent P) 06/25/2009 06:38

    “For those who believe make contact with god now.”

    Operators are standing by…and for your gift of $150 or more, we have a collection of Farrah photoshoots for your support of God TV…remember, St.Peter’s gates don’t open for closed wallets…

  12. avatar
    DB's Treasure 06/25/2009 06:39

    John Cusack, Rem? What are you guys doing? Knitting? I like his acting and whatnot, but to get wasted with? F that. Jack Nicholson would constantly call me a pussy cause I hate Tequilla, I’m sure.

  13. avatar
    Willie Beamin 06/25/2009 06:39

    Three dudes from Hollywood I’d like to blow coke off a hookers ass with:

    Charlie Sheen
    Robert Downey Jr.
    Gary Busey

  14. avatar
    leftnutofjesus 06/25/2009 06:39

    you can still get facefucked in a hospital bed. i’ve fought off the urge many times.

  15. avatar
    DB's Treasure 06/25/2009 06:40

    Zombie, yea man. Emilio looks bloated as hell. Shame.

    WB, don’t get drunk and pass out around Gary Busey or else you’ll wake up somewhere between his teeth. He’s too crazy for me.

  16. avatar
    Zombie 06/25/2009 06:40

    One more time for the record breaker, LNOJ… I don’t think anyone’s ever had their exact same comment ignored 3 times in a row before.

  17. avatar
    leftnutofjesus 06/25/2009 06:40


    the missing comma just pisses me off. i hope he’s doing that shit pro bono for her. this whole continent gets dumber than a bag of dicks with each passing sunrise.

  18. avatar
    Rick (with a silent P) 06/25/2009 06:41

    “you can still get facefucked in a hospital bed.”

    I would imagine the best thing about getting facefucked in a hospital bed is hitting the call button to get the nurse’s assistance…

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    RemSteale 06/25/2009 06:41

    Damn I forgot about Robert Downey jr, although isnt he on the wagon nowadays???

  20. avatar
    DrScummm 06/25/2009 06:41

    “rites” or “rights”? Brandon, you illiterate bastard

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