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July 25, 2009 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

BATMAN 3 – Gary Oldham told fans at Comic-Con today that Batman 3 starts shooting next year. No one knows what the storyline might be, but I bet a Batman movie where Megan Fox gives a series of blowjobs would be pretty popular. (source = e! online)

MICHAEL JACKSON – A friend of mine who is the lead on a show on CBS told me a few weeks ago that Michael Jackson literally had no nose. Just a hole in his face and he wore a fake one. That has been rumored for a while but CBS Star said it was 100 percent true. Now the New York Post says the same, and that his fake one is missing. Let the “maybe it came off in a little boys ass” jokes begin! (source = ny post)

SOPHIE READE – the 20-year-old star of Big Brother 10 with the 30FF chest has gone topless once again for a photoshoot. Between her, Lucy Pinder, Kelly Brook, Eve Wyrwal, Keeley Hazell and a hundred others, the peer pressure for girls in the UK must be unrelenting. If you have C’s you’re legally considered a boy. (NSFW pics start here)

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