its the perfect crime


In May of 2008 (here), several recordings were released of phone conversations between Hulk Hogan and his son Nick while Nick sat in jail for essentially killing his friend John Grazziano. On the tape, Hulk and Nick agree that Johns negative attitude was why the Lord slammed Johns head into a light pole, and Nick was merely the vessel for their vengeful Gods angry wrath. They also discussed how Nick could make the most money possible from all this.

Needless to say Hulk learned nothing about how recorded phone calls work, so a few weeks ago he called Chase Holfelder, the lead singer of the band The Mile After. As you can hear, Hulk waits for the beep, then threatens to have Hells Angels break Holfelders legs.

To his credit, Hogan didn't leave his name and address, but any chance of anonymity went to hell when he explained what type of Mania was bein' messed with (Hulk-A), and then calling him "brother".  Hogan should be a spy or something.  He's a chameleon, the man of 1000 Faces.

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