The full Megan Fox kissing scene

Some of the experts are saying that Megan Fox is already done and as proof they point out that ‘Jennifers Body' didn't make any money. Keep in mind however that the experts never have any idea WTF they're talking about.

‘Jennifers Body' didn't make any money because it sucked, and it sucked because it was written by Diablo Cody. Even with that anchor around it's neck, 'Body' made 6.9 million on it's opening weekend. Compare that to ‘Whiteout', starring Kate Beckinsale. That made 4.9 million. ‘Love Happens', starring Jennifer Aniston, opened with 8 million. Before that, Aniston starred in ‘Management'. It opened on May 15th, and as of yesterday, it's made a total of 934,658 dollars.  You could have been collecting cans since May 15th and made more than that.

Point being: Look. At. Her. Just look at Megan in this bootleg version of her girl kissing scene from 'Jennifers Body'.  You can find better dialogue in a mentos commercial, and your local weatherman has better special effects, but Megan overcomes it all, she rises up like a Phoenix from the ashes, and takes us on a journey of erotic delights.

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