what in the hell is that

By brendon September 03, 2009 @ 4:58 PM


Ashlee Simpson has looked awesome lately on occasion (here for example) which makes these pictures of her in New York today completely perplexing. Either Helen Thomas looks terrific or Ashlee has been hexed by something.

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    DB's Treasure 09/03/2009 17:01

    I like me a redhead but this wench looks like Marilyn Manson for christ sake.

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    BALLSY 09/03/2009 17:03

    ashlee thought she would look like a tranny to make her homo husbnd pay attention

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    Watt 09/03/2009 17:04

    Too bad she fucked fall out boy.

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    TheSteamingOne 09/03/2009 17:06

    If she were dead, she would look pretty hot.

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    pepper 09/03/2009 17:07

    I thought people have plastic surgery to look better?
    Brainsssss, brainsssss!

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    SinDs 09/03/2009 17:08


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    DB's Treasure 09/03/2009 17:10


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    TheSteamingOne 09/03/2009 17:14

    Upon better inspection of the last couple pictures, I have decided she does have nice gams.

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    dirtydiane 09/03/2009 17:21

    helen thomas? that was pretty damn funny actually…

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    buddygroove 09/03/2009 17:24

    Ahhhhhhhhh! Never go to Web MD and diagnose yourself. I think I have testicular cancer now:(

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    SCUM 09/03/2009 17:26

    Morticia looks great.

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    DB's Treasure 09/03/2009 17:27

    that’s my time, pork swords, I’m out

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    Mony Vibescu 09/03/2009 17:29

    Diana! You quean!

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    dirtydiane 09/03/2009 17:34

    hello mony darling.

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    Thunder Dog 09/03/2009 17:38

    Next stop – Helena Bonham Carter-ville.

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    Woodsman 09/03/2009 17:52

    Helen Thomas – Brend&n, it almost pains me to say it but well done! Two very funnies today. **does this brown-nosing mean i get the password to the secret site with the T&A content?**

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    TheOverrated 09/03/2009 17:52

    i still find her attractive for some reason…maybe because she looks a bit like that redhead from true blood…

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    Watt 09/03/2009 17:55

    Mony. Write us a poem about DD

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    pepper 09/03/2009 18:03

    The Overrated, you need to go back and read comment128 of the last tread…………

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    Watt 09/03/2009 18:05

    Anyone remember Poe the chick singer?

    Angry Johnny came on my ipod

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